Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to answer some frequently asked questions about The Hub.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please email us on or call the office on 01902 552 490.

What are The Hub’s opening hours?

The building doesn’t have fixed opening hours as it depends what’s going on. Rooms / facilities can be hired to put on activities from 9am to 10:30pm on weekdays or 11pm on weekends.

You can find the running times for regular events on the What’s On page, staffed opening hours on the Library page and fitness session times on the Gym page.

How can I book a room at The Hub?

We recommend taking a look at our room hire page to see what spaces we have available and then giving us a call on 01902 552 490 or email to arrange a visit.

Can I have a bouncy castle if I book for a kids party?

Yes! As of 1st January 2016 we are now able to accommodate bouncy castles / inflatables!

There are a number of requirements, such as the operator providing insurance & PAT certificates, as well as a risk assessment and ensuring staff stay on site for the duration of your event.

If you’d like to book a party or event, please contact us for more info.

How do I contact a member of staff?

The Hub is run entirely by unpaid volunteers (apart from the Library, which is run by City of Wolverhampton Council staff). You can contact us in the following ways:

Community Association (general enquiries, room hire etc.)
Tel: 01902 552 490

Tel: 01902 556296

I’m trying to find / contact The Ashmore Play Hub Nursery – is that you?

Nope! Ashmore Park Play Hub is a nursery nearby but has nothing to do with us.

Telephone: 01902 256450

Head to the shopping parade on Griffiths Drive (aka the bottom shops) and you’ll find the Play Hub opposite the Chippy.